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Magazine - International ArtExpo 2O°2

March 13, 2001 > a group of artists called ArtExpo is formed on the internet. 23 artists decide to change the way they work. They decide to be independent. ArtExpo is set up as an itinerant encounter. No headquarters, no fixed address, no institution, no bonds.

August 3, 2001 > after six months of intense work and hundreds of emails and discussion fora, the group has its first meeting - at Polignano a Mare, a town overlooking the sea in the province of Bari. 70 works are put on show, all created by different methods: digital, traditional painting, video, installations, computers. From painting to sculpture, from photography to digital art, all the way to video art the work is all manifestation of one will: to communicate through art, that language that transcends the boundaries of language and all political and geographical barriers and unites all religions and all peoples. Total confusion is created in the eye of the visitor. The artists are saying "We've achieved our goal.....this is what we wanted. Now we've found it."

This ArtExpo didn't face a specific theme, it focussed on the dispersion in contemporary thought, the lack of continuity, and the meaning of the word "art." During the sixteen days of the show in the town of Polignano a Mare the digital forums of before were transposed into real encounters: the artists, each from his own cultural standpoint, confronted each other and put forward their ideas. The venues: the "Pino Pascali" Gallery and Museum. The artist's role was changed, or rather enriched, by new structural, critical, parts of thought. This show wasn't a war against the system so much as a reworked interpretation of the contemporary, the evolution of a condition.

And it involves every corner of the planet. After this, galleries and museums are no longer a tool impossible for us to possess, now they're just one kind of the many possible places our group will meet in the future.

October 18, 2001 > by now the group numbers 500 artists, that means a heavy schedule of meetings ahead. ArtExpo's official site is ; it is continually updated, with new useful information, postings of artists' meetings, photos of earlier meetings. It is a place for artists, curators and appassionati to meet. At times the new internet technologies are making things move so fast here that even the very ideas of the participants can't keep up.

Anyone working in the art sector is welcome to join, and if you'd like, arrange an ArtExpo meeting (virtual or real) in your own town.

Luca Curci – art director

info: +39 338 7574098
ArtExpo 20°2 Official site:

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Care lettrici e cari lettori, sono quasi vent'anni che è al vostro fianco per raccontarvi tutto quello che c'è da fare in città.

Stiamo facendo un grande sforzo e abbiamo bisogno anche di voi: attraverso un contributo, anche piccolo, potrai aiutare a superare questo momento difficile.

La pandemia di Coronavirus ha messo in seria difficoltà il nostro lavoro: gli spettacoli e gli eventi di cui vi informiamo quotidianamente sono sospesi, ma abbiamo deciso comunque di continuare a informarvi su quello che accade e su come fare per superare questo momento storico senza precedenti.

Non vediamo l'ora di essere ancora accanto a voi, quando tutto questo sarà passato, per occuparci di tutto quello che ci rende felici: spettacoli, cinema, teatri, iniziative, passeggiate, cultura, tempo libero, nonché locali e ristoranti dove trascorrere di nuovo una serata con gli amici.

Ne siamo convinti: #andràtuttobene.